In late March 2020, Warwickshire County Council withdrew its All About Me sex and relationships education programme “with immediate effect” after legal pressure from The Christian Institute.

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All About Me was drawn up by Warwickshire County Council (WCC) before the Government brought in the new statutory Relationships Education subject which becomes compulsory in September 2020.

In correspondence passed to The Christian Institute, WCC claimed: “The All About me program is not sex education”. It also claimed lesson plan content would not be passed on to children.

However, guidance accompanying the programme admitted that it includes three “essential” sex education lessons. Even in lessons which WCC classified as Relationships Education rather than sex education, children as young as six were encouraged to masturbate and Year 5 pupils shown explicit images. Parents have no automatic right to withdraw their children from Relationships Education.

The programme also included misleading guidance for teachers on transgenderism and encouraged children to believe their gender is determined by how they feel instead of biological reality.

All About Me had been been rolled out to more than 200 primary schools.

What WCC is telling parents, teachers and taxpayers

What WCC is telling children