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Exposition of Jude: the faith we have received

Jude is a largely unloved and unread book, plundered for its doxology and little preached as a whole. It is often seen as obscure, strange and opaque. But it is a combative, passionate and urgent wake up call to God’s people to take seriously the spiritual battle and the advances of Satan against and within churches.

Rupert Bentley-Taylor explains that the book is built on the premise that Satan repeats himself and therefore, by considering the ways he has operated in the past, we can and must take heed to the danger we are in today. It is a book full of a heart for Jesus Christ, for the welfare of God’s people and for the truth without which we cannot be saved. The survival of the church is at stake and that’s why it is essential for us today to hear and take to heart Jude’s message.