Review: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

“Dancing mania” hit the city of Strasbourg in 1518, and some people danced until they died of exhaustion. Numerous children in East Africa were afflicted with a “laughter epidemic” in 1962. Fourteen schools were closed. The 1980s saw an epidemic of teenage anorexia. Social contagions are a historical phenomenon, and crazes a sociological category.

Protecting women’s sport

Women’s sport is on the rise. Initiatives such as the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign have seen an unprecedented increase in female participation. The heroics of the England Lionesses at the 2019 World Cup led to growth across all levels of the women’s game. Greater media coverage has made female role models in sport far more visible to the next generation of sporting greats.

A look back at 2020

In a year which has seen disruption, anxiety and upheaval, The Christian Institute has continued to work hard to promote biblical Christianity in the public square and to defend Christian freedom.