In September 2020, the law on sex education in schools in England changed.

Pupils of all ages began to have compulsory lessons in, Relationships Education for primary-aged children, and Relationships and Sex Education for secondary students. This applies to all schools whether they are state-funded or fee-paying. Currently, parents may withdraw their children from lessons covering sex, up to age 18. This will be lowered to 15.

There are good things that can be taught under the new arrangements but at a time when there is growing alarm at the sexualisation of children the changes also provide an opportunity for campaign groups opposed to Christian teaching to push forward their controversial agendas in schools.

Relationships Education will mean teaching young children about “different types” of relationships, which could include homosexuality, transgenderism and same-sex marriage.  RSE would include teaching on “sex, sexual health and sexuality”.

The law and Government guidance give opportunities for Christian parents to engage constructively with schools, both to protect their own children and to encourage schools to adopt a positive approach which will benefit all.

To help parents navigate this minefield, the Christian Institute has produced Relationships and Sex Education: A guide for Christian parents in England.



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