Parents convince school to think twice about teaching 9-year-olds LGBT ideology

A primary school trust has postponed plans to teach kids as young as nine about ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’.

Following a parent forum with external provider Pop’n’Olly, The Golden Thread Alliance Trust confirmed there will be no further teaching of “LGBT+ content” in Relationships Education at Meopham Community Academy pending a consultation in the new year.

Under the pilot scheme, children in Years One and Two were set to be taught about gender steoreotypes, while Years Five and Six were expected to define terms such as sexual orientation, assigned sex, transgender and non-binary.


Speaking to The Daily Mail, one mother who attended the parent forum said: “I don’t want my child confused and thinking about things that they don’t need to worry about. Ultimately I, as a parent, should have the final say on what my children learn.

a form of indoctrination of false gender ideologies

“It is not age appropriate to be teaching children about LGBTQ+ matters, my children still play with soft toys and colouring-in, they are not ready for adult matters.

“This is a form of indoctrination of false gender ideologies and changing the social norms for young children. The material is not based on scientific evidence but presented as fact.”


Responding to the backlash, the trust apologised “for the upset the pilot has caused. It was absolutely our intention to open the conversation to ensure you, as parents and carers, are part of the decision making process and ensure you are well informed not to cause any anxiety or upset”.

According to the Department for Education: “Your child’s school is required to consult with you when developing and renewing their policies on Relationships Education.”

In September, a Christian mum – recently reinstated as a parent governor following an order made by the High Court – urged governors to check their school’s RSE policies for unlawful trans ideology.

A Gateshead primary school removed ‘Susan’ for raising concerns that resources promoting gender ideology were set to be used in the classroom without the Governing Body properly considering if they breached education law.

‘Trans teddy bear’

Last month, it was revealed that resources promoting radical gender ideology – including a book about a ‘trans teddy bear’ – are being used in hundreds of primary schools across the UK.

In footage seen by The Daily Telegraph, a teacher at one school can be seen telling a class of ten-year-olds about Thomas the teddy, who declares “I’ve always known that I’m a girl teddy, not a boy teddy”.

The lesson plan at Prae Wood Primary School in St Albans was delivered as part of the controversial LGBT-promoting ‘No Outsiders’ programme.

In March, Rishi Sunak committed to bringing forward a review of statutory guidance on Relationships and Sex Education in England, after Miriam Cates MP highlighted “extreme, sexualising and inaccurate” content being taught in schools.

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