Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is of vital importance. We have a rich heritage of freedom in our nation, hard won down the ages. We enjoy freedom to worship, freedom to share the gospel and freedom to live out a faithful Christian life in public. Many Christians elsewhere in the world do not share those blessings, so we owe it to them to guard our freedoms well.

The unjust treatment of Christians in today’s Britain is rarely out of the headlines. Ashers Baking Company was sued by an equality quango for taking a stand on traditional marriage. Ofsted inspectors ignored Government guidance by asking young children in Christian schools about lesbians. The Scottish Government has introduced proposal after proposal to sideline the rights of parents. The list goes on.

Our Legal Defence Fund is at the forefront of protecting Christians from the growing intolerance we face in our increasingly secular society. This is vital not just for ourselves but for every subsequent generation.

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