Nick Williamson is a Christian printer from Northern Ireland who came under fire for refusing to print a gay magazine is backing proposals for a conscience clause in the Province.

In 2013, Nick said he could not print a publication because its sexually explicit images would go against his Christian faith.

The magazine’s editor obtained legal advice and the case was referred to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

But Nick stood firm saying the website of MyGayZine contained explicit images, and he wasn’t prepared to print that kind of material whether homosexual or heterosexual. And he vowed to stand up to the bullies who think they can use equality laws to push Christians around.

Here, Nick speaks exclusively to The Christian Institute about why he took his stand for liberty of conscience.

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When I refused to print a gay magazine with explicit images, The Christian Institute was more than helpful. They gave me help, support, and legal advice. They were there for me, and that meant absolutely everything. I have been so thankful and blessed by that.

Nick Williamson


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