Planned Parenthood group promotes A to Z of sex acts to 14-year-olds

A Planned Parenthood group has been banned from schools in a Canadian province after promoting an ‘A to Z’ of explicit sex acts.

Planned Parenthood Regina delivered a sex education lesson to 14 and 15-year-olds in Lumsden High School, Saskatchewan, where a pupil picked up “Sex: From A-Z” which was available for free on a side table.

The deck of 26 cards, which includes explicit language, pushed children to be “sex positive” about each sexual term. The letter “C” referred to “cathodillia”, which it described as “being attracted to one’s television set”.

‘Completely inappropriate’

Following complaints from parents, the Province’s Education Minister, Dustin Duncan, suspended the group from working in schools.

He stated: “I believe, as Minister of Education — frankly, as a parent — it is completely inappropriate”.

The material, which is promoted by Planned Parenthood, was produced by the publicly funded Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange.

Trans drugs

Last year, a detransitioner accused the abortion giant of handing out ‘sex-swap’ hormones like “candy to anybody who walks in the door”.

The company began offering the drugs in 2015 and became one of the largest providers in the US, offering them in more than 200 clinics across 41 states.

According to its website, cross-sex hormones could be given to a person during their first visit without a letter from a mental health provider.

Sexual ‘liberation’

Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, best remembered as a leading advocate of the eugenics movement and for promoting sterilisation of people she deemed to have undesirable traits or economic circumstances.

But from inception, the abortion giant has also promoted sex education which informed children and young people of their ‘sexual rights’ and increasingly encouraged pre-marital sexual activity.

[Sanger] wanted sexual revolution: a smashing down of barriers to sexual liberation. Dr Sharon James

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