The Council of Nicaea

On 19 June AD 325, the Nicene Creed was adopted by the First Ecumenical Council. History tells us that this was no ordinary church meeting.

Religious liberty must be preserved

Religious liberty is one of our most important freedoms. When it is threatened, so is gospel freedom. As a result, the good news of Jesus Christ becomes harder to proclaim and it becomes increasingly difficult for Christians to live out godly lives that witness to the Gospel.

Marriage is sacred

Nowadays many believe that marriage is no better than any other type of relationship and should not have a special status in law.

Governments exist to promote good and restrain evil

The Bible teaches that governments have been set up by God to maintain the rule of law, restrain evil, and promote that which is good. Christians are therefore commanded in Scripture to submit to those in authority as a matter of duty and service (Romans 13:1-7).