Governments exist to promote good and restrain evil

The Bible teaches that governments have been set up by God to maintain the rule of law, restrain evil, and promote that which is good. Christians are therefore commanded in Scripture to submit to those in authority as a matter of duty and service (Romans 13:1-7).

Lessons from the Scottish church lockdown case

Last week, Scotland’s Court of Session ruled that the recent closure of churches there was unlawful. Lord Braid found that while the Scottish Government paid “lip service” to religious liberty, “there is no evidence that they have accorded it the importance which such a fundamental right deserves[1]”.

Still gambling with our future

Every generation remembers their football team’s kit from their childhood – was the Newcastle United you remember sponsored by Northern Rock? Virgin? NTL? For children these days, however, the team they watch weekly is emblazoned with ‘Fun88’, a betting company. And the chances are the team they are playing against is also sponsored by a gambling firm.