Critical Theory: Challenging Truth and Reality


‘Critical Theory’ is the ideology behind woke activism and ‘cancel culture’. Both Christians and non-Christians are facing fierce challenges at university or at work because of this lethal blend of postmodernism and Marxism. (48 pages)

Sharon James explains that Critical Theory is a dangerous worldview that contrives to divide society into ‘the privileged’ and ‘the oppressed’. It builds on the assumption that there is no transcendent God and so we each construct our own reality. This leads to a blurring of distinctions between truth and lies. It presents a false gospel and ends up with an all-out assault on reality.

At a time when so many capitulate, and go along with what they know to be untrue, we are to be confident as we proclaim the glory of God’s truth. The fact that we are created in God’s image is the only firm foundation for human dignity.

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