Critical Theory


Increasingly in our culture, the individual experience of those deemed to be ‘oppressed’ settles every argument and overrides objective evidence. Their perception is seen as all important. An ‘oppressed’ person’s feelings cannot be questioned. Feelings are more important than facts. (6 pages)

For example, a man cannot give birth. But if you state that simple truth, you may be accused of hate speech. A transgender person may have ‘felt hurt’.

Our culture is not only hostile to biblical truth but to the very concepts of truth and reality.

Several lies are behind this, which are hardwired into Critical Theory. It is a fusion of Marxism and postmodernism, and is the ideology behind woke activism and ‘cancel culture’.

Your daughter may come home from school saying that she is really a boy. Blame critical gender theory.

You may get mugged, but because you are not in a minority group, your attacker may get a lighter sentence than if you were. That would reflect critical legal theory.

You may be the best qualified person applying for a job, but the company has to meet Diversity, Equity and Inclusion targets. You do not even get an interview. That is the reach of critical race theory.

These are the outworkings of just three of the various ‘critical theories’ that have emerged from Critical Theory. Christians must be equipped to stand against these challenges to biblical truth.

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