Criminalising prayer and parenting?


Conversion therapy update

Public concern about a planned new law on ‘conversion therapy’ continues to grow. Much of the opposition stems from the serious lack of clarity about what is to be outlawed.

UK Government plans appear mired in internal disputes. A KC has savaged backbench proposals in both Houses of Parliament as ‘serious intrusions into the legitimate activities and practices of Christian churches and religious communities’.The Scottish Government’s proposals have been called “jellyfish legislation” by another KC because of their undefined limits and “sting in the tail” of a potential seven-year prison sentence.

Conversion therapy is a deliberately broad term chosen by LGBT activists. There may be quack therapists – and sadly, even some church leaders – who exploit people and use abusive practices. Of course, verbal and physical abuse is illegal already. But activists want a ban to reach into churches and use the criminal law to force Christians to endorse LGBT theology.


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