Criminalising prayer and parenting?


Conversion therapy update

Public concern about plans to ban ‘conversion therapy’ has increased considerably in recent months. Much of the opposition stems from the serious lack of clarity about what is to be outlawed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to drop the ban, only to do a partial U-turn when his plans were leaked. Westminster now intends the ban to cover only sexual orientation, not transgenderism. But MPs and Peers who want trans included will try to amend the legislation. And Government ministers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all want trans to be covered.

Conversion therapy is a deliberately broad term chosen by LGBT activists. There may be quack therapists – and sadly, even some church leaders – who exploit people and use abusive practices. Of course, verbal and physical abuse is illegal already. But activists want a ban to reach into churches and use the criminal law to force Christians to endorse LGBT theology.