Gnosticism booklet


Trans ideology involves ‘escaping’ from the body you were born with and choosing your gender based on what you feel. The way this has captured so much of our public debate would have been unthinkable until very recently.

But it is an idea with ancient roots. Gnostics, who flourished in the second and third centuries, taught the separation of body and soul and that being male or female gets in the way of salvation. In Gnostic thought, what you feel in your mind is more important than the physical reality of the body and salvation is from within.

Gnosticism is one of the oldest heresies in the history of the Christian Church. Those promoting trans ideology today would not call themselves Gnostics. Yet the parallels with Gnostic beliefs are striking, as this important booklet shows. Understanding Gnosticism and the Christian response to it will encourage and equip believers to stand firm.

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