Questions for Candidates


An election to the Northern Ireland Assembly has been called for 5 May 2022. As Christian citizens we should think carefully about how to vote. The Christian Institute is a registered charity and cannot endorse any political party or candidate in the election. We cannot tell you who to vote for.

To help you find out the views of the people standing for election in your constituency we have prepared this Questions for Candidates briefing.

1.   Should it be a hate crime to disagree with same-sex marriage or say it is impossible to change sex?
2.   Would you protect parenting, prayer, preaching, and pastoral advice from a ‘conversion therapy’ ban?
3.   Will you oppose attempts to legalise assisted suicide?
4.   Will you resist moves to allow biological men to use women’s toilets and changing rooms?
5.   What is your position on the current abortion laws?
6.   Should parents be criminalised for occasionally giving their children a mild smack?