Redefining marriage


For thousands of years and in virtually all cultures marriage has always been the exclusive lifelong union of one man and one woman. Yet there is now pressure to redefine marriage in law to create same-sex marriage.

Redefining marriage would have serious consequences and would be imposed on the whole of society. Concerns are growing that the next step could be the legalisation of polygamy. There would be alarming implications for religious liberty.

Homosexual marriage sends out the message that having a mother and a father is not important for children. Familiar words such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ would be abolished in law and by government bodies. The new definition of marriage would be promoted in schools and by other public authorities.

Protecting the God-given covenant of marriage will always be important to Christians. Yet God gave marriage to everyone, not just Christians, to be the cornerstone of human civilisation.

Various arguments are used to seek to justify same-sex marriage. This briefing aims to help Christians respond. It explains why preserving the true meaning of marriage is vital for us all.

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