Criminalising prayer and parenting?


Conversion therapy update – Scotland

The Scottish Government has promised a public consultation on conversion therapy legislation covering both sexual orientation and gender identity by the end of 2023. It had previously committed to publish a Bill by this date.

Public concern about plans to ban ‘conversion therapy’ has increased since its ‘Expert Advisory Group’ published a chilling report demanding an extreme conversion therapy ban.

The Scottish plans go even further than Victoria, Australia, where “not affirming someone’s gender identity” is unlawful conversion therapy, as is a parent refusing consent for their child to take puberty blockers.

Conversion therapy is a deliberately broad term chosen by LGBT activists. There may be quack therapists – and sadly, even some church leaders – who exploit people and use abusive practices. Verbal and physical abuse is illegal already. Activists want a ban to reach into churches and families and to use the criminal law to force people to endorse LGBT ideology.


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