Twitter trolls show conversion therapy ban is targeting Christian theology

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In February, church leaders presented a letter to Downing Street urging the Government not to include everyday church activities in its proposed conversion therapy ban. The signatories warned the Government that they are prepared to be criminalised if an overly broad ban which covers preaching, prayer and pastoral care is introduced.

That letter was signed by more than 2,500 Christian ministers and pastoral workers. In response, LGBT activists publicly shared their names and church details on social media, warning people not to attend those churches claiming they could be “unsafe”. One of the most prominent activists, Jayne Ozanne, even publicly accused them of abusing LGBT people.

Two of the authors of the letter, paediatrician and youth worker Dr Julie Maxwell and Associate Director of Church Society Dr Ros Clarke, speak to the Institute’s Ciarán Kelly about their concerns for a broad ban and how the trolls have made clear that those pushing for a ban really are targeting the ordinary work of churches.

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