Christianity and Liberalism

“In this brilliant defence of Christian truth Machen argued that liberalism was really a new religion and not Christianity at all.”

Gresham Machen’s book Christianity and Liberalism has been called “one of the most important books of all times”.

Machen contrasts the true Christian Faith with the false claims of ‘liberal Christianity’. He shows how liberals wrap up worldly thinking in Christian language. He demonstrates that Liberalism is not simply one form of Christianity, but another religion altogether.

Gresham Machen (1881-1937) was a Presbyterian minister in the USA and published his classic work in 1923, which remains in print. Sadly the Liberalism he opposed in the professing Church a century ago is still rampant today. Machen warns us that the most dangerous threat to the Gospel comes from within the Church. We need to heed this now more than ever.

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