Euthanasia (Ireland)


Campaigners for so-called ‘assisted dying’ want to enable terminally ill adults to get help to end their lives.

Gino Kenny TD, whose Bill prompted the Oireachtas to consider changing the law, wants to allow doctors to administer
lethal drugs.

Supporters of the move claim that safeguards will be built in. But the truth is no such safeguards exist. The claims are just a tactic to crack the law open. Once the big change is made to legalise euthanasia, the ‘safeguards’ will be ditched. This is exactly what has happened in other countries.

Ending another’s life is wrong. Euthanasia and assisted suicide deny the value of human life made in the image of God. They pressure vulnerable people into ending their lives prematurely for fear of becoming a burden. The choice to die very quickly becomes a duty to die.

This is the very opposite of the ‘compassion’ the activists say they want. True compassion for those who are terminally ill means valuing their lives, giving them hope and supporting high quality palliative care for all who need it.


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