‘Women betrayed’ as Republic of Ireland aborts almost 10,000 babies

The number of abortions in Ireland reached a record high last year, according to new figures.

Data released to Carol Nolan TD from the Health Service Executive revealed that GPs made 9,218 claims for “Combined termination procedure and aftercare” between January and November 2023, almost 23 per cent more than the year before.

The figures do not cover abortions performed in hospitals, which could take the overall number to more than 10,000.


Mrs Nolan said: “This is now an epidemic of loss. Thousands of women are being betrayed by the over promotion of abortion as the only possible response to pregnancy in certain circumstances and the cruel under promotion of life affirming alternatives.”

Pro Life Campaign’s Eilís Mulroy said the soaring figures are likely to be due to the impact of DIY abortions.

Thousands of women are being betrayed

She warned: “The government cannot continue to bury its head in the sand and refuse to listen to the voices of those who have well grounded and practical suggestions on how to reduce the soaring abortion rate.”

In 2019, the country made abortion available on demand up to twelve weeks with a three-day reflection period. Following the coronavirus pandemic, women have been allowed to take abortion pills at home.

Censorship zones

The Irish Parliament has also been voting in favour of abortion censorship zones, despite warnings they are undemocratic.

The Government’s Health (Termination of Pregnancy Services) (Safe Access Zones) Bill was approved by Dáil Éireann last year and is now under consideration by a Seanad committee.

Under the Bill, people who offer advice or otherwise seek to assist pregnant women within 100 metres of an abortion clinic will be committing a criminal offence. Repeat offenders could face a €2,500 fine, or up to six months in prison.

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