Pro-abortion MPs attempt to hijack domestic abuse Bill to get abortion on demand

Pro-abortion MPs are seeking to introduce abortion on demand in England and Wales by hijacking the Government’s Domestic Abuse Bill.

Diana Johnson MP, who is leading the activists, has tabled two amendments to the legislation, including one that would repeal Sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

If repealed, abortion would become permissible for any reason and the current requirement for the consent of two doctors would be abolished.

‘Right to life’

Johnson’s amendments are due to be considered on Monday 6 July during the Report Stage of the legislation.

If both passed they would make abortion available on demand and remove safeguards on where abortions could take place.

The Domestic Abuse Bill is an important piece of legislation which should not be hijacked to change abortion law.

The Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle has yet to agree that they fall within the scope of the Bill.


The Christian Institute’s Deputy Director for Communications Ciarán Kelly said: “The Domestic Abuse Bill is an important piece of legislation which should not be hijacked to change abortion law. Making this Bill about abortion detracts from its focus on protecting victims of domestic abuse, who are disproportionately women.”

He warned: “Making abortion even easier will only make it more common. Abortion fundamentally undermines human rights – above all the right to life of the most vulnerable in our society.”

In Great Britain, abortion is permitted up to 24 weeks for most reasons but is available up to birth for disabilities including Down’s syndrome and even cleft palate.

‘Darkest day’

Last month, Westminster voted to force the most liberal abortion law in the UK on Northern Ireland, described as “one of the darkest days” in the Province’s history.

Despite the Stormont Assembly previously rejecting the regulations, the House of Commons gave its final backing for the laws to be imposed on Northern Ireland with a vote of 253 to 136.

The changes go far beyond the law in the rest of the UK, with abortions allowed for any reason up to 12 weeks. The law effectively allows abortions to take place on any grounds up to 24 weeks, and up to birth if the baby is deemed to have a severely life-limiting condition, or a ‘severe’ disability.

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