Court of Appeal to hear DIY abortions case against Govt

The Court of Appeal has granted a judicial review challenging DIY abortions.

As part of its coronavirus measures, the Government changed the law to permit women up to ten weeks pregnant to take abortion pills at home after a telephone or e-consultation with a doctor.

In May, the High Court rejected arguments that the practice puts women’s safety at risk.

‘Backstreet abortions’

But lawyers for Christian Concern appealed, arguing that only Parliament has the authority to change the law on where abortions can take place, and that it cannot be changed via Government guidance.

They submitted expert evidence from Dr Gregory Gardner, who said allowing home abortions risks harm to the physical and mental health of women, and also increases the risk of coerced abortions.

Kevin Duffy, a former Director of commercial abortion giant Marie Stopes International, also gave evidence. He stated that Health Secretary Matt Hancock had been misled by civil servants prior to changing the law and likened the law change to legalising ‘backstreet’ abortions.

The Court of Appeal said the High Court’s ruling may have been incorrect and gave permission for an appeal to be heard, with Lord Justice Lewison saying it is “arguable” that, by changing the law to allow home abortions, the Health Secretary had exceeded his powers.


Christian Concern’s Chief Executive Andrea Williams welcomed the decision, and said it was clear the regulations, which were touted as being “necessary” due to the coronavirus pandemic, “were never meant to be temporary”.

She added: “We now have a genuine opportunity to expose the lies and dubious practices of the abortion industry. In doing so, we hope that some lives will be saved, and mothers protected.

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