Planned Parenthood: ‘Virginity is a social construct’

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has been accused of promoting promiscuity in order to boost its business.

The organisation tweeted an image of a sign claiming: “Virginity is a social construct”, adding: “The idea of virginity comes from outdated — let’s be real, patriarchal — ways of thinking that hurts everyone.”

But multiple Twitter users criticised the post. One claimed: “We know you need promiscuity to make money. It’s gross”, while another blasted it for implying: “Morality costs us business.”


In June, a Planned Parenthood group was banned from schools in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, after promoting an ‘A to Z’ of explicit sex acts.

Planned Parenthood Regina had delivered a sex education lesson to 14 and 15-year-olds in Lumsden High School where a pupil picked up “Sex: From A-Z”, which was available for free on a side table.

The deck of 26 cards, which includes explicit language, pushed children to be “sex positive” about each sexual term. The letter “C” referred to “cathodillia”, which it described as “being attracted to one’s television set”.


Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, best remembered as a leading advocate of the eugenics movement and for promoting sterilisation of people she deemed to have undesirable traits or economic circumstances.

But from inception, the abortion giant has also promoted sex education which informed children and young people of their ‘sexual rights’ and increasingly encouraged pre-marital sexual activity.

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