Christian MP urges schools to reaffirm the ‘simple truth’ of biological sex

Teachers must protect children from starting down “a path of destruction” by prohibiting ‘preferred pronouns’ in schools, a Christian MP has said.

Writing for online media outlet CapX, Nick Fletcher MP called for the “reassertion of simple truth” with a “complete ban on treating children as anything other than their biological sex”.

The Government’s upcoming transgender guidance for schools is set to be published in the coming weeks.


Mr Fletcher warned that ‘preferred pronouns’ are the “spark” which “normalise something that can have catastrophic results”, pushing children down “a journey whose logical end is chemical castration and physical mutilation”.

Biological sex is real, it is immutable and it matters.

He explained: “Parents, teachers, social workers, healthcare workers, are finding themselves in such confusion that they are affirming this path for children. I have to believe that many don’t want to – but they risk disciplinary procedures if they don’t.”

The MP for Don Valley added: “Biological sex is real, it is immutable and it matters. So no to new pronouns. Then no to puberty blockers. No to a lifetime of medication, complication, misery and regret.”

‘Extreme ideology’

Last month, two fourteen-year-old girls urged the Secretary of State for Education to uphold the “dignity and safety of girls” like them by ensuring schools can no longer censor those who defend the reality of biological sex.

In an open letter to Gillian Keegan, they shared their experiences from separate secondary schools in England where “dissenting voices are stifled, extreme ideologies are presented as fact, and girls are injured by boys in mixed-sex sport”.

The two girls, who have remained anonymous, said they wanted to raise concerns amid a “lack of student voices on this issue” ahead of the Department for Education’s upcoming transgender guidance for schools.

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