Mother of baby born with one limb: ‘I’m glad I didn’t abort him’

A mother has shared how glad she is that she resisted pressure to abort her baby, calling it ‘the best decision she’s ever made’.

When Rosie Higgs was pregnant, she was warned that her unborn child could have Amniotic Band Syndrome, which prevents a baby from developing normally.

She was initially upset when she discovered he would be born with just one arm and no legs, but said: “There was no doubt in my mind that I was keeping him – no matter what I was advised.”

‘I fell in love’

Henry was born healthy, and when Rosie held him for the first time she “fell in love”.

“Scans can only tell you so much. It was such a build up and a worry when he first came out I didn’t know what to expect.”

Now eleven months old, the tot is happy and developing well, and despite being born with a webbed hand – which has since been helped with surgery – he is able to pick things up very well.

Scans can only tell you so much

Rosie said: “I know he will always be a little bit different but we take it day by day and I know he’ll be able to cope with any future challenges.”


The doting mother reports Henry is a “happy chap” who “doesn’t let his disability hold him back in any way”.

She said: “he’s got a cheeky smile and he’s always laughing. He loves his big sister.

“He might not have all of his arms and legs, but he’s absolutely perfect to me.”

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