More than £350m of public money given to abortion giants for spending overseas

The UK Government has given more than £350 million of public money to two abortion giants over the past five years for use overseas, it has been revealed.

Amanda Milling, a Foreign Office minister, confirmed that the abortion giants MSI Reproductive Choices (Formerly Marie Stopes International) and the International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF) received £256 million and £96 million respectively, although she said it was “not possible to give a specific figure” as to how much of that sum had been used for abortions.

According to the companies’ annual reports, IPPF provided almost 4 million chemical or surgical abortions across 2018 to 2020, while MSI says it provided 4.6 million women with “abortion and post-abortion care services” in 2019 alone.


The Christian Institute’s Ciarán Kelly, said: “MSI and IPPF try their best to downplay how much they focus on abortion, but they perform millions every year, with evidence that some take place illegally in nations where abortion is not permitted.

“They also spend time and money lobbying such governments and politicians around the world to legalise abortion or liberalise existing laws.

“Many people in other countries do not want abortion, and it is an affront to democracy to impose it on them from afar.”

Sex-selective abortion

It is not the first time the UK Government has received criticism for funding overseas abortion.

In 2019, Penny Mordaunt, the then International Development Secretary, announced plans to spend £42 million of aid money on an abortion programme alongside MSI and Planned Parenthood.

John Deighan, Deputy CEO of Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, said the programme was “an endeavour to expand abortion at a time when it is increasingly recognised that abortion has been used not only to coerce women to destroy their own children but it has been a particular tool for depleting the world of females.”

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