‘Media trans bias and Stonewall sex-ed groomed my son’

A mother has blamed the widespread promotion of transgender ideology for her son’s gender confusion.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the unnamed parent believes her child became obsessed with wanting to ‘become a woman’ after exposure to pro-trans material on CBBC, through online videos, and via Stonewall guidance used at his school.

She also expressed concern about the unquestioning way in which children are prescribed puberty blockers and set on the path to surgery to ‘change sex’.


In the piece, the mother describes her son as being “groomed at school”, where he was introduced to material provide by controversial LGBT lobby group Stonewall.

She also said: “The influences are everywhere. Who knew that you had to protect your children from CBBC?”

Who knew that you had to protect your children from CBBC?

Following her son’s referral to an NHS gender clinic, the mother fears he was started on hormone treatment without counselling. She added: “I think it is tragic if he has to live a life medically dependent.”

Serious concerns

She spoke to the newspaper to promote Genspect, an international campaign group of professionals and parents concerned about the rapid medicalisation of children with gender dysphoria.

Its founder, psychotherapist Stella O’Malley, explained: “We are calling for a slower, more contemplative approach because we are not happy with the speed at which their gender distress is being medicalised.

“We think that the affirmative approach is too narrow and it is not taking into account co-morbidities, such as autism, or trauma and it is assuming that gender is everything.”

We are not happy with the speed at which their gender distress is being medicalised

In support of parents in similar situations, she added: “These are very loving and engaged parents who want what is right for their children.”

Other solutions

Earlier this year, detransitoner Keira Bell called on the medical profession to help young people struggling with gender dysphoria, rather than driving them towards irreversible surgery “as the only possible answer”.

The 24-year-old said: “A lot of girls are transitioning because they’re in pain, whether it’s from mental-health disorders, or life trauma, or other reasons. I know what it’s like to get caught up in dreaming that transitioning will fix all of this.”

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