Gender-neutral facilities criticised for making women feel unsafe

Gender-neutral toilets and changing rooms should not replace single-sex facilities, a peer has said.

Speaking in a House of Lords debate, Lord Lucas criticised the “woke” administrators of public institutions and organisations which have converted male and female facilities into gender-neutral ones in order to be seen as ‘trans-inclusive’.

He said that instead of being welcoming, the shared facilities make women feel unsafe.

No consultation

The peer said: “Is this desirable and justified? Has there been research into why this is a good idea? Have needs been identified? Have women been consulted?”

He added: “We cannot let this trend go on. A facility that we have provided for women all my life is being removed from them without their consent and without consultation with them — without any consultation at all, as far as I can see.”

He finished with a plea for “genuine and open discussion” to take place “without insults”.


Scottish businessman Duncan Bannatyne also recently criticised activists pushing for men and women to be allowed to use the changing rooms of their choice if they say they are ‘non-binary’.

“Not in my world. Not gonna happen when I am there.”

When a social media user suggested this, the health club tycoon responded: “So a man is walking into ladies changing area. He says I am transgender, they say sorry and let him walk straight in amongst the ladies, young girls and children.

“Not in my world. Not gonna happen when I am there.”

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