Figure skater with Down’s syndrome to compete in Special Olympics

A teenage figure skater with Down’s Syndrome is looking forward to competing in the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 2021.

Ornela, from Latvia, is 13 years old and has been figure skating for four years.

In Britain, around 92 per cent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome are aborted.


In an interview with BBC Russia, Ornela said she enjoyed training four times a week, and found performing in competitions “easy”.

Her coach described Ornela as “an open and shining girl” who was able to perform some difficult moves after just two years, adding that there is “no difference” between training children with a disability or without.

The Special Olympics aims to share “the power and joy of sport” with those who have intellectual disabilities.
Due to a lack in funding the 2021 games, planned for Sweden, will have to relocate but the organisers say it will still take place.


In February, a teenager born with Down’s syndrome defied expectations by launching an acting and modelling career.

As a baby Kennedy Garcia required surgery to correct a spinal condition that could have left her paralysed. But once she was well enough to take dance lessons her mum said “we haven’t looked back”.

The 15-year-old is now signed to a talent agency, and has secured work with a range of companies including Disney.

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