Mums disgusted by ‘dehumanising’ Down’s syndrome T-shirts

Mothers have expressed their disgust after t-shirts dehumanising people with Down’s syndrome were found for sale on Amazon.

T-shirts featuring the slogan ‘Let’s make Down syndrome extinct’ were available from the online retailer. They have now been removed.

In Britain, around 92 per cent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome are aborted.


Mother Stacey Corrigan says she is “disgusted and horrified” that the t-shirts were being sold online.

The 34-year-old, whose son Daniel has Down’s syndrome, said: “I can’t believe they have been allowed to sell this. Who even thinks up an idea to design this?

“It’s like modern eugenics.”Caroline Wylde

“Daniel is just perfect to us and we wouldn’t change a thing about him.”

She added: “To target a group who are disabled is just disgusting and I am horrified Amazon gave them a platform to share their hate.”


Caroline Wylde, whose two-year-old has the condition, said that “with Down’s Syndrome Day coming up, it’s like it was put there on purpose”.

“If we had put that up about an entire race, it would be classed as racism and hate speech. It’s really awful. It’s just really sad.”

She continued: “My little boy has Down’s Syndrome so obviously that’s going to make me more upset, but if I saw it and didn’t have him, I’d still think it was disgusting.

“It’s quite worrying. It’s like modern eugenics.”


Rachel Mewes also has a two-year-old with Down’s syndrome, and she said she was in “disbelief” when she saw the t-shirts for sale.

“Amazon UK selling and promoting this product is dehumanising for anyone with Down’s syndrome.”

“It’s very, very ignorant and shows a lack of tolerance, inclusion and acceptance.”

She added: “If you’ve got Down’s syndrome and see a product like that saying they want to make your condition extinct – that’s very frightening.”

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