Teen with Down’s syndrome launches acting and modelling career

A teenager born with Down’s syndrome has defied expectations by launching an acting and modelling career.

Doctors predicted that Kennedy Garcia, from Colorado, would have no quality of life and should be looked after in an institution.

The 15-year-old is now signed to a talent agency, and has secured work with a range of companies including Disney.


Shortly after birth, her mother Renee was introduced to a midwife who also had a daughter with Down’s syndrome, which she said gave her ‘hope for the future’.

As a baby Kennedy was diagnosed with leukaemia, and even had surgery to correct a spinal condition that could have left her paralysed.

But once she was well enough to take dance lessons her mum said “we haven’t looked back”.


Kennedy has started modelling and acting, and signed with Dream Talent Management Agency.

Mum Renee said: “I just want her to be happy with wherever her life takes her.”

She added: “I have no doubt she will continue to grow into an independent, strong, amazing adult.”


In the UK, a couple with Down’s syndrome are about to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

Tommy and Maryanne Pilling from Essex are believed to be the world’s longest-married couple with Down’s syndrome.

Tommy now has dementia, but Maryanne says: “I love my husband very much. He is my best friend.”

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