Dozens of NHS Trusts swap women for wokery to appease trans activists

Over 40 NHS Trusts in England now refer to maternity patients using ‘gender neutral’ language, a newspaper investigation has revealed.

More than a third of NHS Trusts responding to a Mail on Sunday (MoS) Freedom of Information request admitted using terms like “service users” in maternity care to appease trans activists.

Of the 124 hospitals contacted by the MoS, only 29 reported using words that referred solely to biological females in their communications with pregnant women.

Biological sex

Liverpool Women’s Hospital told the MoS that since 2019 it had moved to using “more fully inclusive language of pregnant people”.

And Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals in Surrey said it “currently uses the phrase ‘women and birthing people’”.

Responding to the revelations, the Executive Director of campaign group Sex Matters, Maya Forstater, said: “Birth is an exclusively female activity.

“In the birthing room, midwives can be sympathetic and responsive to individuals in all kinds of unusual situations, but this is not a reason to change NHS language and policies for everyone.”

Birth is an exclusively female activity.


Earlier this month, draft guidance published by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists offered advice on childbirth for transgender patients.

The document contained proposals for supporting patients who identify as men on conceiving, childbirth, ‘chestfeeding’ and hysterectomies.

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