Down’s syndrome campaigner: ‘My life has as much value as anyone else’s’

A Down’s syndrome campaigner has urged the NI Assembly to reject a liberal abortion regime which would allow unborn babies with the condition to be aborted up to birth.

Heidi Crowter wrote to Stormont party leaders, saying: “Please do not let a law come into practice which will end lives on the basis of disability and stop people like me coming into the world.”

The measures, which go far beyond the law in the rest of the UK, have been met with huge public opposition.


Heidi said Westminster “did not have to introduce abortion for babies with Down’s syndrome up to birth to Northern Ireland. They chose to do this. That’s both hurtful and offensive. My life has as much value as anyone else’s.

“I am asking all MLA’s (Members of the Legislative Assembly) to reject Westminster’s regulations – please don’t vote for more discrimination against people like me.”

They chose to do this.

She added: “Do not make the mistake which was made in Great Britain in allowing discrimination against people like me just because we happen to have Down’s syndrome.

“Please let Northern Ireland continue to be a country where disabled people are valued.”


In February, Down’s syndrome campaigners called for abortion laws in the UK to be amended to end the discrimination against unborn children with ‘non-fatal’ disabilities.

Please let Northern Ireland continue to be a country where disabled people are valued.

Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire programme, Heidi who is leading the campaign with her mother Liz, said: “I find it deeply offensive, because I am someone with the condition, and I would say that there is no difference between someone without Down’s syndrome and someone with Down’s syndrome.”

Heidi launched a crowdfunding page to help finance the campaign and is being backed by campaign group Don’t Screen Us Out, and actress Sally Phillips, whose son Olly also has the condition.

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