Detransitioner: ‘Medics affirmed me in my delusion’

A young Texan woman has launched legal action against the medics who pushed her down a path of “permanent physical disfigurement” to appear male and removed her breasts at 19-years-old.

Soren Aldaco, who is autistic and has suffered from several mental health conditions since childhood, experienced distress when she hit puberty early and as her body changed she began identifying as ‘non-binary’.

Following a mental health crisis at 15-years-old, she researched ‘sex-swap’ procedures and was given cross-sex hormones two years later. At 19-years-old she underwent a double mastectomy, which caused “massive bilateral hematomas”, and emergency doctors had to drain “significant amounts of accrued blood”.


The legal papers argue that despite “telltale signs demanding caution and therapeutic resolution”, medics “deliberately and recklessly propelled Soren down a path of permanent physical disfigurement and worsening psychological distress”.

Ron Miller, the detransitioner’s lawyer, explained: “With this lawsuit, Soren hopes to not only seek redress for the wrongs done to her, but also to send a loud message to reckless practitioners who are rushing vulnerable kids into life altering gender medicalisation and surgery”.

Soren added: “Sometimes the compassionate response is one which sets firm boundaries. At the end of the day, you need to be able to discern between enabling and helping — that you are giving me access to certain drugs, that you just give me referrals to whomever I asked for, didn’t actually help me heal. It affirmed me in my delusion.”


Earlier this month, it was reported that seven-year-olds will be eligible for referral to NHS England’s new service for gender-confused children and young people.

According to The Daily Telegraph, health service plans suggest that seven-year-olds have a sufficient understanding of “sex and gender” to grasp “the reasons for, and potential consequences of, a referral to a specialist gender incongruence service”.

In 2016, it emerged that children as young as three were being sent to the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) for ‘transitioning’.

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