Former Tavistock patient: ‘I feel like an experiment gone wrong’

A woman who underwent a mastectomy while experiencing gender dysphoria has shared how NHS adult gender services just left her ‘on her own’ when she detransitioned.

Speaking as part of ITV’s upcoming documentary ‘The Clinic’, Jasmine explained how she was referred to the controversial Tavistock clinic at age 15 before being transferred to the adult services a few years later.

At only her second appointment there, she was given cross-sex hormones and referred for a mastectomy which she said made her mental health “a lot worse”.


Jasmine stated: “I don’t really know what it’s like to have the body of an adult. I don’t really know how it’s affected my fertility or my internal health. When I de-transitioned, no one checked up on me”.

She added: “I kind of feel a little bit mutilated and like an experiment gone wrong walking through society sometimes. I feel, like, sometimes jealous of other people, women, who are biologically female. That they still have their natural voice, their natural characteristics. And I don’t anymore.”

The detransitioner explained that she preferred “typical boys activities and clothes and toys” as a child, and after watching videos on social media of those who looked “so happy” after undergoing pro-trans procedures she wanted it “so badly” for herself.

She said she told clinicians about her mental health and history of self-harm “because I just wanted a treatment for what I was feeling”.


In California, a woman who underwent a double mastectomy to appear male aged just 13 is suing her medics for negligence.

Kayla Lovdahl, who previously used the pseudonym Layla Jane, suffered from gender confusion, suicidal feelings and eating disorders. After hearing about transgenderism at eleven years old, she decided she was a boy and asked to be called Kyle.

But Lovdahl’s legal team said her doctors “immediately, and negligently, affirmed Kayla’s self diagnosed transgenderism”. Instead of investigating her family’s history of mental health issues, she was given puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones at twelve years old, followed by a double mastectomy just months later.

‘Conveyor belt mutilation’

The lawsuit said her medics “grossly breached the standard of care by failing to provide much needed psychotherapy and/or psychiatric treatment and by wrongly subjecting Kayla to a permanent, invasive, unstudied, off-label, high-risk, imitation sex change experiment that ultimately failed, resulting in permanent disfigurement and bodily mutilation”.

It said her doctors “were not ‘caring’ for Kayla; they were experimenting on her”, and as result, she “now has deep physical and emotional wounds and severe regrets”.

Lovdahl’s lawyer Charles LiMandri told the Daily Mail that such cases are a “terrible conveyor belt situation”, where a gender-confused child is placed on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones before undergoing irreversible surgery.

a permanent, invasive, unstudied, off-label, high-risk, imitation sex change experiment

Earlier this month, NHS England announced its intention not to ‘routinely commission’ puberty-blocking drugs for gender-confused children and young people. It launched an investigation into puberty blockers after Dr Hilary Cass highlighted significant “uncertainties” surrounding the use of the experimental drugs with youngsters suffering from gender dysphoria.

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