Trans activist denies possibility of detransitioning

A pro-trans activist has denied the existence of detransitioners during a US Congress Committee session.

Jessie Pocock, CEO of Colorado based Inside Out Youth Services, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee that although someone’s gender is a “really personal experience” she did not think detransitioning is a “real thing”.

Detransitioner Chloe Cole commented: “Detransitioners are pretty used to being told that they don’t exist. I don’t mind coming to DC to clear up any confusion”.

Increased abuse

There has been a marked increase in recent years of people who regret transition and return to living as their birth sex, some of these detransitioners say they are receiving increased abuse from the transgender community.

Representative Michael Cloud pointed out that there are cases in the news right now of people detransitioning from being transgender and that parents are concerned that kids are making irreversible decisions without their input.

Cloud asked Pocock whether parents have a right to be informed if their child was questioning their identity at school.

She responded: “in Colorado, parents don’t have a right. If a young person is questioning their gender or their sexuality there are laws in place that say they have the right to process that with the help of their trusted counsellor”.

Detransitioners exist

Last month, detransitioners told Florida’s medical board that they face frequent harassment and death threats from trans activists for “invalidating their narrative”.

Chris Beck, a retired US Navy SEAL who was the public face of transgenderism in the US military, spoke of the lasting damage caused by radical transgender ideology following his detransition.

Beck was still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and taking prescription medication when a psychologist affirmed his belief he might be transgender and prescribed him cross-sex hormones.

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