Costa Coffee and Royal Mail celebrate ‘gay pride’

Costa Coffee has announced it is “proud to be supporting” LGBT events, as it launched a new range of multi-coloured coffee cups.

Announcing the move, Costa Coffee’s Managing Director for UK & Ireland Jason Cotta called it “a fun way to celebrate” ‘gay pride.’

The Royal Mail has also introduced a new ‘rainbow truck’ in Northern Ireland to show its support for ‘gay pride.’


Costa Coffee, one of the largest coffee chains in the world, made the announcement via Twitter.

The cups will be available at eight locations around the UK including London, Brighton, and Edinburgh.

Royal Mail and Primark

The Royal Mail said: “We are delighted to support LGBT colleagues and bring the rainbow truck to Northern Ireland to help us deliver the mail in a unique way.”

In Northern Ireland, marriage continues to be defined as between one man and one woman.

Last month, Primark announced its partnership with homosexual lobby group Stonewall by launching a merchandise range featuring “Pride‐ready goodies”.

The high street chain said that 20 per cent of sales from the new products will be donated “directly to the charity itself”.

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