Primark announces new gay pride range with Stonewall

Primark has partnered with homosexual lobby group Stonewall to launch a merchandise range featuring “Pride‐ready goodies”.

The high street chain says that 20 per cent of sales from the new products will be donated “directly to the charity itself”.

Primark is the latest retailer to prominently promote the LGBT agenda – following in the footsteps of Tesco, River Island, and Topshop.


The Primark range will be sold mainly in selected stores in the UK to coincide with gay pride events that are taking place this summer.

A number of shops across Europe and the US will also feature the products. They include rainbow coloured swimming trunks, t-shirts, hats and flags.

Primark announced the partnership via Twitter.

LGBT agenda

Stonewall caused controversy earlier this year after urging secondary schools across the country to discuss gay sex in science lessons and promote LGBT issues across the curriculum.

The group’s ‘Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum’ guide offered advice for twelve subjects including English, Maths, Science, Geography and PE.

The Christian Institute warned that the guide revealed Stonewall was attempting to rewrite the national curriculum to promote their LGBT agenda.

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