PM told ‘pervasive influence of gender ideology’ demands inquiry

Rishi Sunak has been urged to launch a public inquiry into the harm caused to children in the name of radical gender ideology.

Writing to the Prime Minister, over 140 prominent individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and professions said the inquiry was necessary for the “future safety and wellbeing of our children”.

Signatories to the letter include parliamentarians, clinicians, medics, campaigners, lawyers and detransitioners.

Institutional capture

The letter stated that “gender identity ideology” – the idea that “everyone has a ‘gender identity’ that may differ from, and overrides, their birth sex” – had caused untold damage to children.

It described the teaching of gender ideology in schools and medical interventions known as ‘gender-affirming transition’ as “a major scandal that requires a Public Inquiry”.

The scope of any inquiry, the signatories said, must embrace “all institutions complicit in this harm”, including government departments, the NHS, private gender clinics, schools, ‘LGBTQ+’ campaign groups, and the BBC.

Among other considerations, the letter called for an investigation into the growing number of children believing themselves to be transgender, and how and why “gender identity ideology became embedded in the policies and practices of relevant institutions”.

‘Horrors’ inflicted

The letter’s co-ordinator James Esses said: “Society is, slowly but surely, beginning to wake up to the horrors caused in the name of gender ideology. Children have been harmed. Women have been erased. Free speech has been attacked. Reality has been undermined.”

He added: “The stakes could not be higher. Children and young people have been left scarred, emotionally and physically, in the name of gender ideology. Some have been left infertile. Others have lost parts of their bodies that they can never get back.

“As a society, we have failed in our duty of care towards children. We must secure justice for those who have been harmed. Crucially, we must ensure that no child again suffers the same fate.”

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