Channel 4’s Virgin Island ‘pimping out vulnerable people for ratings’

Channel 4 has been accused of “pimping out contestants for ratings” in an upcoming show which invites strangers to a tropical island to lose their virginity.

“Virgin Island”, which is due to air later this year, aims to film participants having sex together for the first time. If this fails, a “sex surrogate” may use physical touch or intimacy to help them overcome any physical or psychological issues.

Posting on social media, the Family Education Trust criticised the Government for allowing “public money to be spent making programmes which essentially pimp out vulnerable people for viewing figures”.

‘Social experiment’

Channel 4 reportedly struggled to find any participants for the show, but has now located enough to proceed.

One source claimed: “This is a bold social experiment as opposed to anything raunchy, so contributors shouldn’t feel afraid of coming forward”.

While another said: “There’s never been a TV show that pushes the boundaries quite like this — and probably never will be again”.

‘Naked Education’

The TV channel has repeatedly come under fire in recent years for promoting sexual immorality.

Last year, Ofcom received almost 1,000 complaints following the first episode of Naked Education.

The Channel 4 programme, which showed a group of adults exposing themselves to children as young as 14, claimed to be “on a mission to normalise all body types, champion our differences and break down stereotypes”.

In 2022, “Open House: The Great Sex Experiment” encouraged couples to have sex with multiple partners, while the previous year “Strangers Making Babies” aimed to pair would-be parents who had no interest in a romantic relationship.

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