Where does Theresa May stand on Christian issues?

Theresa May becomes Prime Minister today, but what does her voting record say about her stance on moral issues such as Sunday Trading, assisted suicide and same-sex marriage?

The Christian Institute’s MPs’ votes pages list all 650 MPs’ voting practices on moral issues stretching back years.

Theresa May, the MP for Maidenhead, has been in Parliament since 1997 and has served as Home Secretary since 2010.


In her Cabinet role, she has pushed ahead with plans on extremism, which have been widely criticised for threating freedom of speech.

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She also reportedly sided with Nicky Morgan in efforts to make sex education compulsory in primary schools.

Mrs May voted in favour of all-day Sunday shopping, against assisted suicide and in support of same-sex marriage.

Baroness Lynne Featherstone has claimed Mrs May was an “unsung hero” in the campaign to redefine marriage.

Legal highs banned

In 2010 she told the BBC’s Question Time that she had changed her mind on same-sex adoption, after previously voting against the proposal to allow it.

In 2015 Mrs May proposed a law, which has now come into force, to ban dangerous “legal high” substances.

For more information about Theresa May’s voting record, go to christian.org.uk/mpvotes.

The Bible commands us to pray for “all those in authority” (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Please pray for the new Prime Minister today, that she might be given wisdom as she chooses her ministers, decides on the details of the Government’s programme, and that they would protect Gospel freedom.