Welsh Govt ‘delighted’ to receive trans award

Recognition from transgender activists for the Welsh Government’s efforts to champion trans ideology has been greeted with delight by the First Minister.

Appearing by video at the annual gala evening for Trans in the City, Mark Drakeford accepted the campaign group’s “flagship award” for his Government’s ‘hard work’.

Under its ‘LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales’, Drakeford’s Government wants to make it much easier for people to ‘swap’ legal sex, ban ‘conversion therapy’ and help challenge ‘heteronormativity’.

Trans ally

Trans in the City CEO Bobbi Pickard, a man who lives as a woman and a former trustee of Mermaids, praised the Welsh Government for pushing ahead with its plans to “make Wales one of the most trans-inclusive places in Europe”.

Pickard said the Welsh Government was deserving of the CEO’s award because of its “exemplary” defence and “active allyship” of the trans and non-binary community.

In his acceptance speech, the First Minister said: “On behalf of the Welsh Government, I am delighted to receive this award, an award which recognises the ambition of our LGBTQ+ Action Plan for Wales”.

‘Men can be women’

Last year, Drakeford claimed “transgender women are women”.

During a Senedd exchange on the inclusion of transgender athletes in sport, the Welsh Labour Leader redefined the meaning of ‘women’ to embrace biological men.

Drakeford also said: “To me, inclusivity is absolutely what we should be aiming for here.”

In October, a leaked Welsh Government document proposed that biological men who claim to be women should be allowed to stand for the Senedd as female candidates.

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