Newcastle United fan investigated by police for saying ‘trans women are men’

A Newcastle United fan has been investigated by the police for defending the reality of biological sex.

The anonymous woman was suspended from her football club membership while Northumbria Police investigated her social media posts for “malicious communications”. It has not been reinstated despite an officer stating that no further action would be taken “pending further information”.

One post on X, formerly known as Twitter, said “trans women are men”, while another challenged a statement saying “reality is trans phobic”.


During a voluntary police interview, an officer asked if her tweets “could be seen as offensive” or if there was “any lawful excuse” for posting them.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, she said: “I have been in shock about the whole thing” and there is “a part of me that still feels like I’ve done something wrong”.

Free speech group FairCop, which is supporting her, urged Northumbria Police to issue a public apology, stating “she now has to live with the irreversible fact that she was interviewed by the police as the suspect of a hate crime.

“The immediate consequence of this is that Newcastle United have withdrawn her membership. She has spent the weekend in terror, and continues to suffer the fallout that inevitably occurs from family, friends and colleagues”.


Maya Forstater, who lost her job for tweeting that biology determines whether people are male or female, called the case “shocking and terrifying”.

Posting on X, she said: “Anyone thinking ‘what’s the problem’ with banning conversion therapy – this is the problem. However many safeguards you write in the police will terrorise innocent people with the threat of arrest and prosecution.”

In June, the former tax consultant was awarded more than £100,000 in compensation, after judges declared her gender-critical beliefs to be protected under the Equality Act 2010 and found that she suffered “direct discrimination” and “victimisation” by her employer.

An Employment Tribunal ruled that the Centre for Global Development publicly compared Forstater’s beliefs to “bigotry”, used “oppressive or high-handed conduct” during the court battle and violated employment law.

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