Video: US Christian woman dissuades would-be robber

A Christian shop manager stopped an armed would-be robber by talking about her faith in Jesus.

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Nayara Goncalves, who runs a mobile phone shop in Florida, told the armed man, who has now been named as Israel Camacho, about her Christian belief and said he shouldn’t attempt to rob people.

CCTV footage shows 20-year-old Nayara calmly talking to the man before he turns around and walks out of the shop without stealing anything.


The images show Mr Camacho in a black hood coming into the shop and talking about the weather before threatening the young woman with a weapon.

She says she wants to talk to him about Christianity and proceeds to explain that he has hope if he turns to Jesus.

Mr Camacho, who claims to be a Christian himself, says that he is really sorry to steal the money but needs to take everything from the till.


When Nayara asks him why he has to carry out the robbery, he says he needs it to pay $300 he owes.

However the brave shop manager continues talking to him, saying she could help him and that times are hard for everyone at the moment.

The man apologises again but insists that he must steal the money. She then shows him the till and says any money he takes will be removed from her wages.


The would-be thief then walks out of the shop and tells her that the weapon was in fact only a BB gun.

Police praised the shop manager for her calmness and bravery.

Authorities in South Florida now say they have charged Israel Camacho with attempted robbery and armed robbery, after he was caught on separate surveillance cameras later robbing a shoe shop a few miles away.