US abortion boss grilled over undercover videos

The boss of the USA’s largest abortion provider has appeared in front of politicians in the wake of allegations that her organisation has sold babies’ body parts.

Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, was grilled at a hearing of the committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The abortion giant is partly funded by taxpayers.


Since July ten videos have been released appearing to show Planned Parenthood executives engaged in unethical behaviour.

In one, a senior doctor is shown discussing the price of babies’ vital organs over lunch.

At Tuesdays’ hearing Richards was told that Planned Parenthood does not need the $528 million of taxpayers’ money it currently receives.


Richards defended the group and said claims made by Republicans on the committee were not true.

The debate came ahead of the House of Representatives backing a measure to strip Planned Parenthood of federal money by 241-185.

Despite this and the controversy over the videos, the Senate is not expected to approve the decision.

‘Making money’

Planned Parenthood has been under continued pressure since the first undercover video about its alleged activities was released.

In the video, Dr Deborah Nucatola is shown discussing likely prices for the supply of organs.

At one point Dr Nucatola says the Planned Parenthood centres want to provide tissue in a way that is “not perceived as”, “this clinic is making money off of this”.


A later video shows a woman – Holly O’Donnell – talking about seeing a brain being taken out of a baby whose heart was still beating after an abortion.

O’Donnell previously worked at StemExpress, which has done work with Planned Parenthood in the past.

All the undercover videos were produced by The Center for Medical Progress.

Choose Life

Following the fall out from the controversy, some social media users have tweeted #ShoutYourAbortion.

However, others responded with #ChooseLife and #ShoutForLife.

Last year The Christian Institute released a series of videos about people who have been deeply affected by abortion.

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