‘Uphold our freedoms’: Pro-life charity takes legal action against council

A pro-life charity thrown out of a local council’s event has begun legal action, calling for pledges on freedom of expression.

The Life charity was evicted from Lambeth Council’s Country Show last month, reportedly over its educational models of a developing baby.

Anne Scanlan, from Life, said: “When our right to celebrate the very start of human life is denied we have no choice but to stand up to those who wish to trample on freedom of expression.”


Life had applied to the show in January, and received approval in April, but a volunteer arrived on the second day of the event to find the marquee taken down and possessions removed.

Lambeth has accepted that original statements about the incident were inaccurate, according to Life, but the local authority is now facing legal action over the eviction.

The charity is seeking a public correction, apology, compensation and “an undertaking that our right to freedom of expression will not be unlawfully interfered with again”.


Director of Education at the charity, Anne Scanlan said: “The beginning of human life in the womb is normal and worthy of celebration.

“This is what Life sought to do when it was stopped and ejected from the show, apparently because it showed educational models of the unborn baby”.

“We will ensure that the voice of the vulnerable and voiceless is heard in the interest of the common good and we refuse to be intimidated by the discriminatory actions of any person or institution”, she added.

Lambeth Council did not respond to media requests for comment.

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