Uni criticised for ‘renaming’ International Women’s Day to include trans

A university students’ union has faced heavy criticism for “renaming” International Women’s Day to include transsexuals.

A newsletter to students at Leicester University said that the Union would use the word “womxn” because it was a more inclusive spelling of ‘women’.

It comes as flags being flown at two town halls in Merseyside to celebrate International Women’s Day were also branded “transphobic”.


The name change to “International Womxn’s Day” follows the election of a man identifying as a woman to the position of Women’s Officer at Leicester University.

One female student at the university described the spelling as “insulting”.

“Of course we want to be inclusive” she said, “but to change the name belittles everything women have had to fight for”.

Kathleen Stock, Professor of Philosophy at Sussex University, said: “Concepts aren’t ‘umbrellas’ or ‘shelters’ for whoever wants to come in — that’s not what concepts do.”


Flags which said: ‘Woman, noun, adult human female’ were recently flown at Bootle and Southport town halls.

Adrian Harrop, a strong proponent of radical trans ideology, claimed on Twitter that the flags were symbols of a “transphobic hate group”.

Sefton Council apologised and removed the flags, prompting criticism from both men and women who do not accept that men can become women.

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