‘Schools ditching common sense’ on trans issue, says columnist

Schools are listening to “shrill minorities” rather than “common sense” on transgenderism, a newspaper columnist has said.

Judith Woods, who writes for The Daily Telegraph, was criticising Oxfordshire County Council over controversial guidance for schools concerning transgender pupils.

A 13-year-old girl has launched a legal challenge against the guidance which recommends allowing boys to use female changing rooms.

‘Shrill minorities’

Woods said: “My immediate response to that Oxfordshire toolkit is nope. Not gonna happen. Not on my watch with my girls.”

“I don’t want to needlessly hurt any individual’s feelings, but nor am I prepared to stand by and witness common sense being trodden underfoot either by shrill minorities or self-seeking activists.”

She accused the “vocal trans lobby” of shutting down any suggestion that there are “physiological differences between biological males and females”.

She concluded: “I feel a battle is looming to preserve girls’ needs and safeguard their rights”.


Last month, it was revealed that a teenager known as ‘Miss A’ has applied for judicial review of the guidance.

Paul Conrathe, Human Rights Solicitor from Sinclairslaw who is leading the case, said it “misrepresents the law and exposes children and young people to the potential of harm”.

Safe Schools Alliance said the guidance would allow male pupils to access all-female spaces “without parents’ knowledge or permission”.

Local mother Victoria Edwards, said it “encourages parental alienation and suggests that any parent who doesn’t affirm their child’s chosen gender identity may be a safeguarding risk and causing harm to their child”.

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