UK’s smallest baby home from hospital

The UK’s smallest baby since 2003 has returned home after defying medical expectations.

Isabella Evans was born at only 24 weeks – the legal limit for abortion – when doctors warned parents Kym and Ryan that they only gave her a five per cent chance of survival.

Grateful dad Ryan said medics “saved my daughter’s life”.


Kym was sent for an emergency caesarean after doctors discovered baby Isabella had stopped developing at 21 weeks and her heart rate had dropped.

Weighing only twelve ounces, the little girl underwent two life-saving operations – including surgery for a ruptured bowel – but she has now safely returned home.

Isabella is on a constant oxygen supply, but her family are optimistic that she’ll be able to live without it by the end of the year.


Despite the fact that increasing numbers of babies born extremely prematurely in the UK survive, it is still legal to have an abortion for social reasons up to 24 weeks.

Michael Robinson, the Parliamentary Director for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), said: “Every innocent human life is deserving of basic protection and support regardless of developmental stage or ability.

“The increasing number of babies now surviving our abortion ‘time limit’ highlights the nonsensical pro-abortion attitude that burdens our country.”

“Indeed, it is chilling to think that in the same hospital where baby Isabella was, rightfully, looked after with love and care other children at the same stage of foetal development can be targeted for abortion.”

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